What's new?

What's new?

Process Simulator 2016 SP1

Click here for an overview of the new features and improvements:

What's new?

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Determine the bound unit of a resource

In addition to determining which resource an entity has bonded with, you can now also determine the specific entity of that resource. Use the new OwnedResourceUnit () - function to determine the unit of a resource that has an entity bond. Take advantage of this new feature. By collecting custom resource statistics at the level of each unit for example.

Use for a particular resource unit

Use all units of a resource type

Access to resource utilization at the simulation time

You can now access your resources during simulation at any time. Using the newly modified PercentUtil () -function, you can determine the utilization of individual units of a resource or the summary of all units of a resource type. In this way, you can dynamically make decisions or write custom statistics into an Excel file based on the current resource utilization.

Initialize routing percentages from external data

Percentage-based routing now has the flexibility to be initialized by external data stored in Excel. This is done by using arrays. You now have the option to fine-tune your model or to perform what-if analyzes in Excel without first having to change the model. Use this option, which was previously available only through macros and Scenario Manager, simply by typing the array instead of the percentage in the property dialog of your routing.

Example: In this time series diagram in Output Viewer, the time series data is averaged over a user defined period of 15 minutes.

Based on the exported format, you can easily create pivot tables and pivot charts in Microsoft Excel.

The new API allows you to summarize the simulation results in 15 minute intervals, even before you export the results to Excel.

Access to simulation results via program code

You can now access the simulation results via a new, simplified API (application programming interface) of the Output Viewer via program code. You can retrieve the results data for each individual replication, or group, and group the result data before retrieving (as in the Output Viewer). Use your simulation results for analysis outside the Output Viewer by loading the data to Excel or to another database.

  • When exporting array data at the end of a simulation, the replication number is no longer written to the name of the Excel spreadsheet when ""Export after final replication only"" is selected.
  • Minitab Version 17.3 is now supported

What's new?

Process Simulator 2016

Click here for an overview of the new features and improvements:

What's new?


Process Simulator now includes Stat::Fit - a comprehensive yet user-friendly statistics program. Stat::Fit retrieves the raw data from spreadsheets, text files, or manual inputs and converts the data into the appropriate random distribution for input into Process Simulator. Stat :: Fit automatically determines appropriate distribution functions, compares distribution functions, and provides an absolute measure of compliance of the distribution functions with the underlying data.

Supports Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit)

Process Simulator is compatible with EMET, a program developed by Microsoft that helps IT professionals protect their systems against common threats. The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a utility that helps prevent the exploitation of security risks in the software. EMET achieves this by means of safety technology to limit damage.

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