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GBU mbH is the German distributor of ProModel Corp. for the simulation tools Process Simulator, ProModel and MedModel for Germany and Austria. Together with the ProModel Distributor in England, we distribute the simulation tools in Europe, with the exception of Scandinavia.

We help our customers successfully use the simulation tools we sell. We offer you the following services:

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Process Simulator Tutorials

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Hotline and software maintenance

With our hotline and software maintenance contracts, we ensure the long-term success of your investments. Continuous product updates ensure that you can always take advantage of the latest ProModel technologies. If you have questions about problems using the simulation tools, contact our hotline service.

From A for analysis to Z for zero

Simulation solutions

We offer you the complete development of simulation solutions and the execution of simulation studies at fixed prices.

To ensure the success of the project, we have developed a standardized process model that we can tailor to your specific needs.

We take over - based on your task:

  • The process recording as well as the data acquisition and verification
  • The creation and verification of the simulation models
  • The programming of user interfaces for data maintenance and variation of the parameters
  • The interpretation of the results and the development of implementation proposals

Your needs set the direction


Our coaching serves purposeful training based on a clear task from your home. The goal is the transfer of knowledge to you and your employees. Based on your task:

  • Get to know the basic modeling elements.
  • Let's create the model concept together with you and define the required data.
  • We accompany you in the creation, verification and validation of the simulation model.
  • Together with you, we conduct simulation experiments for different scenarios and instruct you in the analysis and interpretation of the simulation results.

Our successful training model for more than 10 years!

Class training

In our Class Training introduces the basic modeling elements of simulation software and their application.

Using practical examples, you build your first simulation models, perform simulation studies and learn to interpret the results.

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